Style of Luxury: Get Your Condo the Look of a Ralph Lauren Home

Style of Luxury: Get Your Condo the Look of a Ralph Lauren Home

“My goal is to bring a tradition of quality and good taste to all the places we call home.”

These are the ingenious words of timeless American fashion designer Ralph Lauren, as his home decor collections become steadily known around the globe. In 1983, the renowned icon became the first fashion designer to release a sophisticated assemblage of decorative pieces for the home. Under the brand of Ralph Lauren Home, these featured collections consistently echo RL’s artistry and craftsmanship, especially when it comes to detail and design.

Being a steadfast innovator in the field of aesthetic, Tokyo Grand Renovation recognizes and identifies Ralph Lauren as an influential design personality to follow and take in. Sharing the promised commitment on quality through craftsmanship and functionality, we’ve conveniently handpicked and curated the most striking and the most remarkable of the Ralph Lauren Home collection pieces. These include Modern Icons, Left Bank, White Orchid, and Black Palms – all of which are worth adding to adorn and spruce up any interior.

“For me, style is about quality, integrity, and timelessness. It is free of trends but always feels fresh and new.” - Ralph Lauren


Luxuriously detailed and intricately combined, the Modern Icons collection is described by RL as “a modern expression of striking beauty”, where iconic styles and innovation meet to intersect. Powerful color tones of tobacco brown, cork mahogany, and rangoon green characterize the collection’s delicate furnishings. The exquisite roster of furniture, to name a few, includes exclusive Modern Icons items from Ralph Lauren Home: the Brewster Accent Table, the Modern Hollywood Bed Bench, and the Modern Metropolis Club Chair.

The collection is uniquely construed by its elegant minutiae, making homeowners with a penchant for intricate details beam with delight. The tactile feeling of the leather, channel-tufted sofas grant a natural, upscale exclusiveness that make every home one-of-a-kind and without equal. Aside from visual appeal, the RL home collection is purely made of superior, high-grade materials. These materials are modestly-laden with craftsmanship that are willing to last and be tested by time.

Getting a Ralph Lauren Home look isn’t absolutely far-fetched. The collection effortlessly blends in the visual appeal of what’s know today as a classic, modern interior design. Modern interior design has distinct features: wooden, elemented with sharp lines, and earthy in color.

“Personal style is about having a sense of yourself and what you believe in everyday.” - Ralph Lauren

Know the real psychology behind what makes an interior design masculine or feminine.


Having a more unconstrained atmosphere, the Left Bank collection stands out with an industrial, contemporary look. Designed to emanate maximized comfort and practicality, Left Bank has key distinctions with its fabric floral patterns and stripes. Shades of zorba, elegant pablo, toast, and mid gray jumbo typify the overall decor.

The Left Bank also considers every homeowner’s passion for creativity and art. This Ralph Lauren Home collection places contemporary sophistication at the center of one’s lifestyle. The Montmarte Stripe and Bulrush Twill fabrics will give a soft, yet chic atmosphere for the whole interior, with the reinforced help of the astonishing finishes from its en vogue furnishings.

Create a space inspired by the Left Bank through imbibing an eclectic style. Eclectic interior design can be considered the melting pot of all possible designs in the world. While it maintains a personal scheme, eclecticism in the interior means decorating with diversity and heterogeneity. It is designing a space concept using a blend of different cultures, eras, and styles, while highlighting the common features among them.


Coastal and invigorating, the White Orchid Ralph Lauren Home Collection will undeniably give your condominium unit a refreshing beach vibe. With a subtle addition of nature amidst the cool blue hues, the patterned, woven furnishings re-imagines an adventurous, laid-back vacation indoors. The inclusion of woven ottomans and woven consoles make this decor assemblage distinct, while the presence of Atherton sectionals and Atherton Skirted Slipper Chairs make it luxuriously casual.

The White Orchid gives an atmosphere befitting of a vacation getaway. Much like a luxurious Airbnb, the overall oceanic colors of the collection can be characterized as a modern coastal interior design. With a soothing color palette and a simple layout, the style has evolved from seaside-inspired to nautical-like. Pieces of furniture are usually made from weaving, and finishes have shades of maritime and corals.


An epitome of what can be called as bespoke sophistication, the Penthouse Suite collection is one of Ralph Lauren’s deco-inspired luxury designs. Characterized by the use of brown leather and mahogany, the furniture ensemble flares sheer opulence and affluence. Touches of zebra and crocodile styles dominate the wall coverings, perfectly matched with the handsome tables and grand fixtures.

The Penthouse Suite can fit into a design style that blends the intersection of modern and vintage. Usually, creating vintage styles from the 1940s is quite complex, because the classique designs might make your interior look shabby and worn out. When decorated correctly, however, the mood created by the vintage interior’s atmosphere is highly sophisticated, powerful and elegant. Avoid the outdated feeling by placing in a few elements of modern design such as slender chairs and lined couches.

The Ralph Lauren Home collections are internationally-renowned furnishings that are handcrafted and specially made for every particular lifestyle. Whether your preference is one with being funky, being luxe, or being eclectic, there is an RLH design awaiting your interior.

Is the RLH collection reminiscent of a design idea you’ve always had in mind? Tokyo Grand Renovation is a full-service interior design and renovation firm specializing in the design and build of luxury interiors through exquisite Japanese craftsmanship. We also offer inclusive interior design styles and design and build packages, should you are still pondering on a specific look.

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