Subtle Halloween Home Decor Ideas for That ‘Classy’ Spooky Feel

This black and gold pairing lures to those who wish to have a classy Halloween look into their homes. Photo courtesy of Avantela.

Halloween is just around the corner and despite seeing the horrors brought by this year, adding a little spooky feel to your home won’t hurt. If you think about it, Halloween is the pinnacle of all celebrations this year. Wearing masks, socially distanced celebration, and contactless pickup of chips while quarantining with scary movies.

For the fans or maybe even not a fan, Halloween is a great way to show your creativity to your home. But for those who wish to decorate and yet want to keep your home classy, there are ways to have a classy spooky feel at your home. In a time of spice and horror, here are classy ways to incorporate Halloween flawlessy.


Talking about decorating for Halloween, candles are automatically on the list. Candles are a simple way to make sure things are spooky yet cozy. You can get the best of both worlds by having a wonderful aroma and also adding mystic feeling in your room.

These half log candles holders will add charm to any type of interior, even when Halloween ends. Photo courtesy of Salt Silver Rustic.

Other than candles, you may also focus on your candle holders. There are numerous designs you may choose from but candle holders have been used ever since the start of civilization. Thus, making it have a historical feel into it. 


When you look inside your home, you definitely own different types of curtains. Silhouette, silky, or even drapes. For this Halloween season, bold curtains are the way to go. It is the perfect time to put up that red curtain you’ve been keeping inside your storage for years.

There is a common misconception that dark curtains or walls make a room look smaller. It is not so much the shade as it is the amount of color in a room that affects how ‘big’ it feels. Photo courtesy of Home Decor Bliss.

Curtains took huge spaces inside a room so it may serve as a focal point in your room. You may have an evil villain vibe by just putting up some bold curtains. Other than that, even after Halloween has ended, that bold curtain of yours remains a classy tool inside your room.


"When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam, may luck be yours on Halloween."


Since this is a once in a year celebration, why not go all out? Kitchenwares are one of the easiest to incorporate Halloween into. Grab some of those ornamental plates that you rarely use. Or maybe some liquor bottles with dark labels on it may add some classy look into your home.

This kitchen renovation idea may be enjoyed even after Halloween ends. This may serve as a focal point inside your kitchen so make the best out of it. Photo courtesy of Unsplash.

Additionally, you may add some minor renovations to your kitchen like adding some strip lights into your kitchen cabinet. It may add a dramatic effect since it highlights the items on the surface. Grab this opportunity to put items you want to showcase. 

Even when decorating for the holidays, it is important to keep in mind that a home is where you should always feel comfortable. Tokyo Grand Renovation is witching you the best Halloween. Happy Decorating!

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