Riki Watanabe’s Japanese Design Pieces for the Modern Living

the japanese design of the rocker chair

Known as the Riki Rocker, the Riki Windsor chair was altered by Riki Watanabe to adapt to the living environment of Japan as well as the Japanese design. Photo courtesy of Conde House. Japanese designers have been constantly bridging the gap between everyday simplicity and industrial innovation, practicality, and art. Visually understated but creatively complex, […]

Texture and Pattern: A Forefront of Every Interior Designer

a classy home with texture and pattern

A rendered room that features texture and pattern. Photo courtesy of Unsplash Do you ever look into a room and feel something is missing? All of the components of a well-designed space is present – color scheme, furniture, decor items, functionality – however, the room just feels flat. If this scenario feels familiar, good news! […]

The Many Lives of the Historical Trestle Table

minimalist version of the trestle table

Photo courtesy of HGTV Home. One of the things that complete one’s house is a table. Other than being the center of our home’s social life, endless categories of tables seem to draw us to the idea of endless comfort and utility. Enriched with history, the iconic trestle table has proven evolution from basic utility […]

Sitting Pretty: The Iconic Cesca Chair

Something from the 1930s is dominating Instagram, not fashion but furniture. Earning a spot on our Instagram feeds, the Cesca chair has made a resurgence in the apartments of the design-inclined and vintage lovers. As one of the best-known chairs in the interior design world, this cantilever chair is a marvel of timeless design.  It […]

IKEA Philippines Finally Confirmed to Open by 2020

IKEA Philippines Finally Confirmed to Open by 2020

SWEDISH FURNITURE GIANT IKEA TO SETTLE IN THE PHILIPPINES – image courtesy of IKEA We’ve had our doubts and uncertainties. Finally, though, the globally renowned Swedish furniture maker is coming to the Philippines – and IKEA Philippines is yet to become the largest in the world.   Upon announcement of the company in a launch held at […]