A Touch of Zen: Applying the Bonsai Philosophy at Home

A Touch of Zen: Applying the Bonsai Philosophy at Home

The unique philosophy of the bonsai can also be applied to your home. Photo courtesy of Unsplash When it comes to furniture or flora that’s uniquely Japanese, the bonsai is one of the first symbols that springs to mind. Although it takes its roots from China, the art of just subtly altering a potted tree […]

Personality, Style, and Interior Design

Personality, Style, and Interior Design

Allow your personality to shine through when you start renovating your home or condo this 2020. Photo courtesy of Pexels. We know style as a distinctive manner of expression, behavior, or performance. Whether we express ourselves through the way we dress, the media we consume, and even the way we write or speak, it is […]

Interior Design Trends to Expect this 2020

blue interior furniture

Storage furniture with a touch of marble. Photo courtesy of Unsplash. It’s not just a new year, but a new decade. New design trends are approaching up the horizon and with them comes the opportunity for a home revamp. Interior design trends are helpful in renovating by picking up the pieces on what to incorporate […]

New Paint Idea: Colored Doors

different colored doors

Truth be told, when building or remodeling a home, a lot of details are being taken for granted and a door is one of them. Doors play an important role in a home. It includes providing privacy, buffering noises and also serves as a separation between rooms. Now, imagine your home without any doors in […]

Home Renovation Hacks for Monsoon Season

flooded home

Photo courtesy of D’Avila & Associates Services You hurriedly rushed out of the office as you saw the sky turned into an overcast of gloomy, dark clouds. Then droplets started falling. Few at first, within a short time it turned into a heavy downpour. There was a wall of water raining down you could hardly […]