‘Melt’ Into This Japanese House that Pivots Around an Indoor Garden

At the feet of a mountain sits a tiny house that reconnects with nature. Photo courtesy of Norihito Yamauchi. The urge of every urban homeowner to have a touch of the natural environment into their home is common. Along with the increase of vertical living within the city, micro homes are getting a major revamp. […]

Inspiring Japanese Homes Fused with an Indoor Tree

Glass walls continue inside the building, creating division between functional spaces without hindering the natural lighting and the beauty of an indoor tree. Photo courtesy of Home Designing. When it comes to making a bold statement, nothing can beat an indoor tree. While we’ll always love our small houseplants, mini herb gardens, and adorably tiny […]

House in Takatsuki: A 16 Floor Level Contemporary House

house in takatsuki main living area

A House in Takatsuki is a three-story building containing 16 different floor levels created by Tato Architects. Photo courtesy of Shinkenchiku Sha. Can you imagine a 16-floor house without any staircases? Once again, Japanese architects have made the impossible, possible. This unique contemporary home called A House in Takatsuki located in Osaka, Japan has been […]

The Architectural Philosophies of Kazuyo Sejima

The Philosophies Guiding the Architecture of Kazuyo Sejima

Meet Kazuyo Sejima, one of the figureheads of modern Japanese architecture. Photo courtesy of aedes-arc.de. Japanese architecture has always been known for its close ties to nature and for its simple, minimalist designs. When we think of the subject, we immediately think of the nation’s grand temples and humble shrines. We also think about its […]

Sail Into a Louis Vuitton Cafe in Osaka Japan

le cafe v at louis vuitton restaurant at japan

The exterior of the building is meant to resemble a ship on the water. Photo courtesy of Louis Vuitton. French fashion powerhouse Louis Vuitton already established its name towards the luxurious world of fashion. And now, it’s making its name towards the world of fine dining. Le Café V and Sugalabo V are now venturing […]

Architecture Through the Lens of Tokyo Olympics

tokyo olympics

The Olympic rings stand near the new Olympic stadium. Photo courtesy of The Globe and Mail. Olympic games are the most visible representation of Olympism and a role model for other sports events. That’s why when the curtains are raised on the 2020 Olympics, all eyes will be on Tokyo- not just for the sport […]

Breeze Block: A Material Redeemed

office with breeze block partitions

With the resurgence of all things mid-century modern, breeze blocks are coming back into vogue. You may be wondering why is it called a breeze block. For starters, it doesn’t literally block the air but instead, it helps the home’s ventilation. They are cinder blocks that have been cut out in such a way that […]