‘Melt’ Into This Japanese House that Pivots Around an Indoor Garden

At the feet of a mountain sits a tiny house that reconnects with nature. Photo courtesy of Norihito Yamauchi. The urge of every urban homeowner to have a touch of the natural environment into their home is common. Along with the increase of vertical living within the city, micro homes are getting a major revamp. […]

“Anti-Gorgeous & Anti Cheap” Muji Hotel Ginza is the Minimalist Hotel of our Dreams

type i room in muji hotel

“ANTI-GORGEOUS & ANTI CHEAP” MUJI HOTEL GINZA IS THE MINIMALIST HOTEL OF OUR DREAMS The Type I room in Muji Hotel in Ginza. Photo courtesy of Muji Hotel. The Japanese home retail powerhouse is now expanding its services to the world of hotel accommodation. Muji meaning “no-brand” or “anti label” screams simplicity itself. With an […]

Architecture Through the Lens of Tokyo Olympics

tokyo olympics

The Olympic rings stand near the new Olympic stadium. Photo courtesy of The Globe and Mail. Olympic games are the most visible representation of Olympism and a role model for other sports events. That’s why when the curtains are raised on the 2020 Olympics, all eyes will be on Tokyo- not just for the sport […]

R Torso C: Japanese Minimalist Home Built Out of Volcanic Ash

Natural disasters are setbacks in life that are inevitable. Due to its destructive tendencies, a volcanic eruption is one of the natural disasters that are hard to cope up with. But who would have thought that these destructive after-effects can be made into something innovating? A group of Japanese Architects called Atelier Tekuto successfully made […]

Japanese-style Meets Industrial: A Shang Salcedo Project

japanese modern tatami room

Project Location: Shang Salcedo, Makati, Metro Manila Theme: Industrial Japanese-style  Interior design styles change in every era. And by that, opposing styles may also be fused in one another. Certain clear-cut rules and requirements are needed in designing a home. But by bending the rules a little and having enough dots to connect -direction, style […]