R Torso C: Japanese Minimalist Home Built Out of Volcanic Ash

Natural disasters are setbacks in life that are inevitable. Due to its destructive tendencies, a volcanic eruption is one of the natural disasters that are hard to cope up with. But who would have thought that these destructive after-effects can be made into something innovating? A group of Japanese Architects called Atelier Tekuto successfully made […]

Ikigai: A Creative Life of Passion and Purpose

people on train ikigai

It is natural for humans to strive for satisfaction and look for a purpose. But sometimes we get caught in the cycle of achieving things that don’t bring us any satisfaction in the long run. This is common in people of all ages. We often make fun of the saying “what is life?” But for […]

Don Quijote: Japan’s Largest Discount Store is coming to the Philippines

Don Quijote store in Shibuya

A Don Quijote store in Shibuya. Photo courtesy of Ft Yes, you read it right, the famous Don Quijote (dawn kee-ho-tay) ドン・キホーテ also known as Donki is coming to the Philippines and we couldn’t be happier! The Japanese discount store begins its wave of Southeast Asian expansion aiming to increase its retail store from 40 […]