Tendon Kohaku in BGC: Showcasing Japanese Dining in Interior Style

One year ago, a famous tendon restaurant chain from Singapore opened its doors in Bonifacio Global City, one of the booming economic zones in the Philippines. 

Tendon Kohaku is known for its delicious combination of Tempura and Donburi (Hokkaido multi-grain rice bowl), cooked into perfection, and served with a signature specialty sauce. The authentic taste retains to your memory, but far more than that – its the overall experience and the setting to behold that makes Tendon Kohaku unforgettable. 

"As you enter the glass doors of Tendon Kohaku, you transform from an ordinary diner to a seeker of Japanese dining sophistication.”

From the driveway, you catch a glimpse of the Tendon Kohaku’s large signage – an inviting combination of alphabet and kanji characters, standing out among other famous restaurant brands. The thought of crispy tempura, the color of amber, makes your stomach growl of excitement.

You chose the seat overlooking the kitchen because you delight in watching the chefs cook your food. As you sit comfortably on the high chair, you realize how welcoming Tendon Kohaku is – in ambiance and in people.

Tendon Kohaku can be categorized as “famiresu” or family casual restaurant. It lies in between fine dining and food chain as it offers its own specialty dish.

Inside, you are greeted with omotenashi (Japanese hospitality) by a neatly dressed wait staff. He then asks which seat you prefer. The restaurant is spacious enough to accommodate up to 50 people. There are seats for huge get-togethers of family or friends, there’s also a more secluded space for small groups.

"While waiting for your order, your gaze begin to wander at the modern zen interior – feasting at the natural elements of fine wood."

Seaweed colored green upholstered chairs with wooden legs and arms. Tables made of fine wood. Beautiful pendant lights shaped like mountains. Wooden flooring that strengthens nature’s presence inside the premise. It’s a charming place to be – as if you’re sitting right inside a famiresu on a real Japanese soil.

“You may not be able to sit on a tatami mat, yet those meticulously cut wooden chairs and tables give you a tingle of japanese expertise – a feeling you’d want to experience all over again even after you devoured your favorite Tendon meal.”

Tendon Kohaku Uptown Mall BGC 8

While you relish the satisfying cuisine the sophisticated interior blankets your mood to a quiet dining experience.

“The sun is starting to set outside yet there’s an artificial warm glow from the indoor windows adding a cozy effect to the walls of Tendon Kohaku.”

It appears that Tendon Kohaku’s branch in Uptown Mall, BGC has more to offer as the clock ticks at six in the evening. While the sun sets outside, you witness another engrossing characteristic of this Japanese restaurant – the windows magically light up and you wonder where the glow is coming from.

We made this possible by installing accent lights behind each windows – a traditional Japanese style providing soft illumination as if the sun is peeking through. You nod in approval, thinking it’s really a one of a kind dining experience with a cozy and almost romantic ambiance. You know you’d come back to dine here again.

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Tendon Kohaku Uptown Mall BGC 2

Good food is great, but good ambiance from restaurant interior definitely makes the overall dining experience fantastic.

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