Terrazzo: Beauty Under Our Feet

Terrazzo: Beauty Under Our Feet

When it comes to interior design, terrazzo may not be always the first choice. Others may not have the courage to incorporate unique shapes and colors into their homes. Usually, it is made up of pieces of marble, quartz, granite, or glass which can be usually seen in historical interior designs. However, the dazzling display of speckled colors is visually appealing and versatile that it can be blended with modern-day homes. Terrazzo can be quite lovely or rather utilitarian. Either way, they’re amazingly durable.

Terrazzo presents a unique blend of aesthetic choices, functional considerations, and practical applications perfect for any interior design. Amazingly, it can be used from floorings, kitchen islands to accent walls. As John Krause, a tiling specialist puts it, terrazzo can feature anywhere in the home: ‘It’s great for flooring, especially poured in liquid form to make a seamless surface, and kitchen tops.’ He adds: ‘Some designs are fairly neutral, creating the perfect backdrop for vibrant accessories. Other terrazzo takes center stage with bright colors and flamboyant combinations of marble.’

Terrazzo: Beauty Under Our Feet
A vintage design bathroom. Photo courtesy of Hunker.

Terrazzo is the Italian word for ‘terrace’

Looking back, Terrazzo is material was first used as early as 9000 to 8000 BC, according to archaeologists, who use the word “Terrazzo” to denote the floors of early-Neolithic structures. The Neolithic is a reference to a period of mankind’s development, particularly in technology, starting at approximately 10,200 BC and lasting until about 4500 to 2000 BC. From its Neolithic beginnings, the material next won favor in the ancient world. According to research by the Library of Congress, today’s Terrazzo floors are the direct descendants of the ancient world’s—specifically Rome, Greece, and Egypt—practice of designing and building mosaic floors.

Terrazzo: Beauty Under Our Feet
Inside of a French home. Photo courtesy of Homify.

This makes sense when you think about it for a moment, when’s the last time that you looked at even just a section of Terrazzo and didn’t think to yourself how majestic it seemed — almost as if it would fit in perfectly in an ancient temple or mausoleum? These are the types of interior designs that will never go out of style.


Terrazzo: Beauty Under Our Feet
A kitchen inside an apartment at New York. Photo courtesy of Brooklyn Egg Projects.

What makes a Terrazzo underrated is because of its process. Behind its complexity is the beauty of science. During installation, Terrazzo tiles will continue to release small amounts of moisture and will typically show a lighter shade to the perimeter of the tile known as “TV effect”. This is a result of the evaporation of moisture and will reduce over time.


More of that, Terrazzos are good for the environment due to its composition. It is also ideal for maintaining the establishment healthy and green. It does not allow moisture to accumulate. Unlike carpet and tile grouts, Terrazzo does not support microbial growth. For its maintenance, it is only needed to be cleaned by a neutral ph cleanser which doesn’t irritate the eyes, nose, and lungs. 


Don’t be also fooled by its elegance, Terrazzos may seem expensive but arguably, it the most durable and lowest life-cycle-cost flooring available in interior design. Both cement and thin set epoxy terrazzo floors have extremely low maintenance costs, and annual stripping and resealing can utilize environmentally friendly water-based products. Routine maintenance includes dry and damp mopping, with an occasional spray buffing. Damaged or worn terrazzo can usually be matched, repaired, and refurbished at a fraction of the cost of replacing the flooring.


What luck are you going to attract for your home decoration?


Terrazzo: Beauty Under Our Feet
Photo courtesy of Otto tiles

When you’re opting for a high-end material that screams beauty and elegance, Terrazzo is the way to go for your interior. The color and mix chips will provide an impressive base. Also, Terrazzo is a more stylish alternative to concrete floors in modern or industrial designs that helps “soften the hard edges.” Whatever the style of your home, the floor will be a distinctive custom feature that adds to its value.

Terrazzo: Beauty Under Our Feet
Inside Two at Symphony, Dubai’s must-visit cafe. Photo courtesy of @twoatsymphony

Not only that Terrazzos are pleasant to the eyes, but it is the epitome of customization. It is suitable for any use you can dream up. According to Home Advisor, it can be used outside or indoors as a flooring material, and it is great for high traffic areas such as lobbies, hallways and tiled outdoor areas for just this reason. On top of that, its water resistance makes it an equally good choice for kitchen and bathroom floors as well. In addition to flooring, its ability to repel water and stains also make it a popular choice for countertops, showers, baths, and swimming pools. Finally, as mentioned earlier, the fact that terrazzo is lightweight and can be poured in large swaths instead of laid as individual tiles makes it particularly suitable for large scale flooring projects in buildings and public areas. In short, any place you can think of where tile might be used, in addition to some places you wouldn’t normally consider tile an option, terrazzo is an excellent choice.

Terrazzo: Beauty Under Our Feet
A kitchen featuring how terrazzo tiles can be used in a kitchen. Photo courtesy of Inspired home ideas
Throughout history, terrazzo has been proven as a sensible choice. Home and interior designers can achieve the expected beauty with low maintenance costs. The history of terrazzo is as fascinating as the tile itself is visually attractive.

Tokyo Grand Renovation (TGR) is a Japanese home interior design and renovation firm that focuses on designing and building luxury spaces that are stylish, elegant, and also functional using Japanese lifestyle craftsmanship. TGR is located at the heart of Makati Central District. Learn more about us here.

For inquiries, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 832 16 76, or send an e-mail at  info@tgr.com.ph.

For inquiries, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 832 16 76, or send an e-mail at  info@tgr.com.ph.

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