The Perfect Color Palette for your Home Interior Based on These Iconic Shows

The Perfect Color Palette for your Home Interior Based on These Iconic Shows
SPICED HONEY BEDROOM - image courtesy of Fantastic Frank

After fulfilling our mentally-draining and back-breaking duties at work or in school, aggravated by the inconvenience of commuting in the metro, our frail bodies naturally seek for solace that only our homes can provide. When the burden of an exasperating day has finally dawned on us, nestled in the familiar scent and feel of our cozy blankets and beds, most of us turn to movies and TV series to unwind and loosen up.

Apart from the psychological assistance that these forms of entertainment purveys to their audience, the artistry that cinematographers put out in designing the overall ambiance of the show also adds an element of tranquility as you immerse yourself deeper into the program. In the entertainment industry, shows are produced for all sorts of reasons, but a film is deemed to be triumphant by the academy awards if they elicit desired emotions from the viewers.

"These artistic forms of entertainment are proven potent to spark creativity and inspire their watchers."

These artistic forms of entertainment are proven potent to spark creativity and inspire their watchers. If your home interior is suffering from a mismatched color scheme and you are struggling which color palette to commit to, these cinematic color grading ideas will keep your creative juices flowing in designing and improving the interior of your homes. Set in different periods, these shows subtly portray the evolution of interior design over the years – how history and culture affected some of the prominent interior style of each generation.

The Greatest Showman


Set during the lavish period of Queen Victoria, this award winning musical film tells the glorious story of the American showman P.T. Barnum together with his peculiar circus troupe and their struggles in producing what is acknowledged as “The Greatest Show”.

The creative inspiration of this film can be extracted exactly where the magic happens – inside the circus tent. If you are vying for a color scheme that is safe yet bold, you can always count on the vibrant shades of Red such as cherry or wine. However, going all the way down the striking color palette of vintage circus can be too over the top; incorporating a Minimalist style to it can balance the tone of your room by working with white as your primary wall paint.

To further kick in the fun ambiance of your room, sprinkling elements of circus style home décors including prominent red and white stripes as your statement ceiling or some classic circus animal posters printed on wood will transport you to the greatest performance by the Greatest Show.

CIRCUS STYLE BEDROOM – images courtesy of Stephen Shubel | John Sutton 

Color Palette Suggestion: White, red, brown and gold

The Great Gatsby

1910s – 1930s 

No other modern film has precisely depicted the glitz and glamour that the classic Hollywood exudes than the Academy Award recipient for Best Production Design, The Great Gatsby. This critically-acclaimed film, adapted from the novel of F. Scott Fitzgerald, portrays the tragic life story of the mysterious millionaire Jay Gatsby and his obsession with Daisy Buchanan while also tackling underlying themes of social issues prevalent post World War I.

The Perfect Color Palette for your Home Interior Based on These Iconic Shows
JAY GATSBY FROM THE GREAT GATSBY - image courtesy of TheAtlantic

Set in the roaring twenties where everything screams detail and grandeur in every nook and cranny of home interiors, The Great Gatsby’s manifestation of the outstanding Art Deco style is topnotch and spot on. If you are in opposition to the idea that “less is more” in home interior and is inclined towards a Maximalist design and over the top home decors – Art Deco style will suit your meticulous taste.

Defined by bold geometric patterns, streamlined shapes, lacquered finish tables, astonishing crystal chandeliers and mirror pieces of furniture, this art style is devoted to details and elegance. If you are striving for a high-end wallpaper look, bold color scheme and classy patterns of the Art Deco era has you covered from mainly black, deep yellows, reds, greens, blues to chrome and metallic accents. Bring Jay Gatsby’s grand party to your doorstep, particularly on your unadorned walls.

ART DECO STYLE BEDROOM – images courtesy of Ad Magazine | Thomas Loof | TheStar | Pinterest

Color Palette Suggestion: Mainly black, deep yellows, reds, greens, blues, chrome and metallic accents

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1990s – Early 2000s

The 90s was a decade of relief and liberation after the countless wars and social conflicts that the early decades of the 20th century instigated. It was a decade of closing a significant chapter of human history while preparing for a new exciting millennium – the 2000s. From pagers and answering machines as means of communication to high boots, denim and printed pants fashion, there is no other show that impeccably encapsulated the essence of the 90s than the award winning iconic sitcom, Friends.

The Perfect Color Palette for your Home Interior Based on These Iconic Shows
FRIENDS IN CENTRAL PERK - image courtesy of Hot1005FM

Staying true to the title, this comedy series tells the story of six 20-something-year-old friends, Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey living in New York City and their adventures as they go through the highs and lows of relationships mayhem, career crisis and family troubles. Running strong for 10 years, this classic 90s program established most of its notable scenes inside of Monica’s apartment which also played a huge part in bringing the overall 90s atmosphere of the set.

Decorated in quirky and vibrant hues and patterns, 90s home decor was a “let loose and embrace your inner aura” kind of interior. This was the era of floral wallpapers, flea market furnishings, statement rugs, open shelves, console cabinets and the infamous Ektorp couch like the orange one situated in Central Perk from Friends. 90s home interior also debuted the exposed wallpaper brick style for kitchen design along with amplifying green accents by incorporating houseplants in the background. 90s tones juggle between the shades of saturated and muted colors – ranging from hunter green to Monica’s Pantone purple shade, the 90s was really a laid back decade for interior style.

90s STYLE BEDROOM – images courtesy of Modsy | Today | Fashiony Ru 

Color Palette Suggestion: Florescent, Muted and Jewel tones - Resene Deep Koamaru, Resene Genoa, Texas Rose and Resene Monarch


2010s – 2018

What makes a home interior feel like the good place? Is it the remarkable embellishments bought from luxurious stores around the world? Or is it the warmth of your worn out blanket that envelops you in a familiar scent? Modern interior design captures the gist of this interior dilemma with the emergence of the Scandinavian trend which delves into minimalism yet functional home designs. Hence, a good home interior does not only manifests the aesthetics of the place but also takes into account the functionality of each designated décor. 

The Perfect Color Palette for your Home Interior Based on These Iconic Shows
THE GOOD PLACE CAST - image courtesy of Electric Literature

The show follows the story of Eleanor Shellstrop a fraud and ill-tempered woman who wakes up from afterlife in a highly selective Heaven-like utopia. In an effort to prove herself worthy in the good place, she learns what it means to be a morally good person. The nirvana atmosphere of the show is evidently delivered by the interior design of the protagonist’s home which efficiently blends the spirit of Minimalist and Scandinavian trends. 

Scandinavian with a tinge of minimalist style displays artistic placement of wall arts such as portraits or big canvas that add a burst of color and texture to the neutral and Nordic tones of the walls. Bringing nature indoors by embracing botanical and wood elements along with natural lighting from the windows are notable Modern interior trends as well. A modern interior color palette settles for the calm and serene vibes of neutral and Nordic tones but is valiant enough to surf against the waves of brighter tones likewise. 

MODERN STYLE BEDROOM – images courtesy of Flavor Wire | Culture Southwest| Ideal Home | Nicole Franzen | Jason Briscoe 

Color Palette Suggestion: Nordic colors such as deep onyx, Medici grey, stone white and golden basketry. Neutral hues such as beige, ivory cream and white. Bright tones such as clay, orange, stripe green and zenith blue.

Let the surge of inspiration and creativity you get from watching these shows transpose to your unadorned and dull home interior.

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