This Antibacterial Spray in Japan Can Disinfect Almost Anything

antibacterial spray cover
Sanitizing has now become one of the essential needs in these current times. Photo courtesy of Unsplash.

As we continue to transition in embracing the new normal, homeowners are now switching from home items that are on-trend, to items that will make a home feel safe. Tokyo Grand Renovation values the safety of your home. In this article, TGR will discuss the benefits of why “nanodiamonds” are the anti-bacterial agents that’ll answer to your home’s safety.

Every day, different types of infectious diseases continue to spread. The importance of creating measures in fighting these diseases is highly in need. Known for its advanced technology and research, Japan has been creating anti-bacterial products that can be easily used by anyone. Currently, Dianum has been making a name in Japan for its multi-functional properties.


To simply put it, Dianum is a multifunctional cleaning product that provides antiviral, antibacterial, deodorizing, and antifungal properties. It is a new product that enables long-lasting antibacterial services. Developed over twenty years, this anti-bacterial uses a nanodiamond catalyst as an environmental purifier.

dianum's anti bacterial coating
Dianum comes in a liquid form that is used to coat the surfaces you wish to sanitize. Photo courtesy of Efuku.

The special nano-sized diamond, or normally called as “nanodiamond” is a chemically stable substance that can be found in Dianum. Its strong surface activity acts on harmful substances such as viruses, bacteria, molds, etc. Since it is chemically stable, it can exert a stabilizing effect for a long time without being affected by light or temperature making it perfect as an antibacterial agent.


As we take extreme measures in disinfecting ourselves like wearing masks, frequent washing of hands, and using sanitizers, it is also important we disinfect our surroundings. 

It’s easy to turn to different antibacterial agents rather than using Dianum. However, not even other brands come close.

antibacterial catalyst of dianum and it's competitors
Comparison of functions between Dianum and competing products using a catalyst. Photo courtesy of Penkio.

Studies also have shown that Dianum has an antiviral effect against Influenza, Escherichia coli, MRSA, Klebsiella pneumonia and even athlete’s foot.

this antibacterial spray can fight almost any virus

Since bacteria and viruses can be found anywhere, Dianum can also function almost everywhere. It reacts to any hazardous substance due to its high activity of oxidation and antioxidative reaction that surely eliminates hazardous substances not just indoors but also outdoors. Taking advantage of its characteristics, it is used for anti fouling measures in tunnels where light does not reach, and for deodorizing and antibacterial in subway toilets.

In addition, alcohol spray does not last long after spraying, but with the diamond coating, the coated film keeps the antiviral and antibacterial effects for a long time.


Eco bricks are considered to be more sturdier than a normal concrete block.

dianum and its antibacterial functions


This product is accredited by SIAA (Society of International sustaining growth for Antimicrobial Articles) standards, which were formulated based on anti-bacterial function and safety guidelines issued by the former Ministry of International Trade and Industry (now the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry). Its safety, as well as its anti-viral, antibacterial, deodorizing, and anti-mold functions, have been verified through experiments performed by various testing organizations.

There are numerous examples where Dianum has proven its sanitizing functions in hospitals, railway stations, welfare facilities for the elderly, and even infrastructures.

For the aviation industry, the Japan Airlines Fleet industry has been using Dianum coating for its 250 commercial aircraft including all of the lavatories. It has also won second place in the world’s cleanest airport category.

japan airline fleet uses dianum
Cleanliness and odor inside the aircraft are essential elements for a comfortable flight, so sanitization and antibacterial construction is performed. Photo courtesy of Airline Passenger Experience.

Nearly 100 public restrooms across the Tokyo metropolitan subway system have been coated with Dianum. This includes JR Tokyo Station, JR Hokkaido, Nagoya station, and Tokyo Metro subway station.

japan railways are using dianum antibacterial products
At the Tokyo Metro station, which boasts less than 76,000 passengers a day, there is no odor even after one year and seven months of construction, and a comfortable space is maintained. Photo courtesy of Michael Bell.

Even though Dianum has proven its sanitizing and antibacterial functions, it also works well with molds. Molds and bacteria are entirely different however, the nanodiamond components of the product can eliminate molds as much as bacteria and viruses. 


We have now seen that Dianum works well from different industries which include hospitals and public places like train stations and aviation where sanitation is highly prioritized. More than that, this product also works well in different parts of your home. In the current time were numerous infections are being spread, it is essential we should make extensive measures to keep our homes sanitized.

Here is a sample video on how this home is being coated with Dianum’s antibacterial nanodiamonds. Video courtesy of Efuku.

Other than homes, this coating can be also beneficial for retail shops in which multiple people come and go, or even at permeable surfaces like office curtains.

This wonderful technology may provide a new future for public health due to its long term effectivity in any environment powered by nanodiamond technology.  

Interested in having your home invested with Dianum’s antibacterial spray? 

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