Thoughtful Guest Bathroom Ideas for a Homey Mood

Thoughtful Guest Bathroom Ideas for a Homey Mood
COZY GUEST BATHROOM - image courtesy of Bria Hammel

The news is out, Sally is coming to town. Your estranged childhood friend, who you have known to be notoriously nitpicky and obsessed with details, is planning a visit to your ancestral home where memories from a reckless adolescence with her were created. To save your face from the upsetting commentaries that Sally may blurt out upon seeing your tarnished and outdated guest bathroom, you concluded that renovation is your best armor. Regardless of some unsolved matters in your tainted relationship, you and Sally had a good run. Perhaps, pampering her with a sleek and spa-like guest bathroom is the first step in picking up where you both left off.

"… meticulous preparation of their designated bedroom and bathroom is a crucial factor in assuring them that their presence is invited and highly anticipated."

A responsible host knows that there is a fine line between making your guests feel unwelcome or unwanted hence, meticulous preparation of their designated bedroom and bathroom is a crucial factor in assuring them that their presence is invited and highly anticipated. However, guest bathroom space is often limited as compared to the master bathroom but looking at this minor impediment through rose-tinted glasses, the versatility of interior design always finds a way in transforming construction flaws to assets. 

Tokyo Grand Renovation, a design and build firm in Makati, is enthusiastically here to assist you become a topnotch host thus, has prepared a list of bathroom ideas centered on the comfort and solace of your guests for the duration of their stay in your humble abode.

Thoughtful Guest Bathroom Ideas for a Homey Mood
COZY BATHROOM INTERIOR - image courtesy of Hannah Blackmore


Prepping up bathroom designs for guests can be a tricky task considering the fact that each and every visitor has distinct demands and representations of comfort and style. Amidst all the trendy and extravagant interior décor, bathroom remodeling still prioritizes the goal of embracing your guests in a sense of familiarity and belongingness.

Commit to an interior style

In almost every interior renovation, the initial step is picking a specific style or color palette to pattern the overall design of the place. Especially for a limited space such as the guest bathroom, maintaining the uniformity and singularity of the area would be of great help in giving the illusion of a bigger and well-decorated place. Bathroom designs may range from minimalist, cozy, rustic, industrial, bohemian, edgy, and Scandinavian.

BATHROOM INTERIOR STYLE IDEAS – images courtesy of Apartment 34 | Velmahos | Apartment Therapy | The Weekender | Murray Fredericks | Lovejoy Designs

Make it look spacious

Guest bathrooms are primarily smaller than the average main bathroom but you can always find a way out of this interior setback by making certain adjustments that complement the restricted available space. Installing sliding doors instead of hinged doors that directly take up space upon entrance can give an illusion of a spacious bathroom. Painting the walls white or in monochromatic tone can also ease up the narrowness of the room and maximize the space since bright hues are naturally reflective creating an airy and open ambiance. Placing oversized mirrors, choosing plain tiles for flooring, and ditching basic shower doors with frameless ones are some more optical illusion hacks for a more roomy guest bathroom.

SPACIOUS BATHROOM HACKS – images courtesy of Tom Ferguson | Irwin Builds | Fiona Lynch | WorldofArchi  

Upgrade the storage

Apart from a stylish yet spacious bathroom, you must also ensure that your guests has ample storage for their belongings where you can also conveniently placed bath essentials. For guest bathroom storage techniques, you can invest in quality cabinetry as the focal point of the room, go for subtle niches instead of shower caddy, place waste baskets or hampers and make use of empty walls for shelving.

BATHROOM STORAGE HACKS – images courtesy of Ashley Whittaker | Archzine | Joan & Associates | David Foessel | Dwell


Improve your home interior for the comfort of your furry pals.

Go all out with the decorations

Adding home decors to fill in awkward gaps or to spruce up the atmosphere of your guest bathroom is also an oblique way of making your guests feel special. You can put up decorative art paintings, spice it up with statement rugs and antique displays from flea market, set up a clear plastic chair in front of the vanity mirror, sprinkle real vibrant flowers and houseplants to add liveliness, display scented candles for a relaxing shower and all other sorts of trinkets for a more homey mood. More bathroom ideas include enlivening your walls by applying bold patterns or stencils and installing elegant light fixtures or allowing natural light to cascade from the windows.

BATHROOM DECOR IDEAS – images courtesy of Yves Lefebvre | Sypsie Designs | Talbot Cooley Interiors | Sarah Bartholomew | Amy Bartlam

Accentuate bathroom fixtures

No matter how stylish your bathroom interior is, bathroom fixtures should still be the main event of your guest bathroom. An impressive bathroom is not only after the overall look of the interior but also bears in mind the functionality of each devices installed. Setting up a fancy faucet that matches the bath tub and shower, adding vanity appliances such as blower, curling iron or a weighing scale, investing in smart home bathroom devices such as pre-installed speakers or TV, a Japanese style toilet seat and a towel warming drawer; your guests will surely feel every drop of convenience and relaxation in your smart bathroom.

BATHROOM FIXTURES – images courtesy of Pinterest | Sognare Tile | Homedit | Sugar & Cloth2

Be generous with the essentials

Guests staying in hotels often pack lightly knowing that toiletries will be available, this is not the case for guests intending to stay in their friend’s home. However, whether their stay was anticipated or unexpected preparing bath essentials beforehand is a clever guest bathroom hack. You can present bath essentials in a countertop tray or a stylish basket wrapped in a fancy ribbon. Tickle their noses with essential oils, bath oils and a sweet smelling soap. Artistically placed stylish liquid dispensers to store shampoo, conditioner and body wash in the shower. Envelop them with soft and fluffy decorative hand and body towels or robes. Don’t miss out on the loofah, bath brush and a pumice stone. Finally, set up a Medicine cabinet for an extra level of thoughtfulness.

BATHROOM ESSENTIALS TIPS – images courtesy of Instagram | Better Home & Gardens | Isabel Lopez Quesada | iBathroom

For a memorable and worthwhile stay of your guests, Tokyo Grand Renovation (TGR) is eager to help you discuss your bathroom interior design ideas. Conveniently located in the leading business district in Metro Manila, TGR’s headquarters is at 9110 La Campana St. cor. Trabajo St., Brgy. Olympia, Makati City, 1207.

For inquiries, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 832 16 76, or send an e-mail at

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