Transitional Design: The Art of Cohesive Interior

transitional design living room

Sticking to a certain interior design style may be boring and uninspiring in the long run. People are starting to mix different styles but only a few successfully incorporate new pieces. But, pulling design elements from different style periods allow you to step outside the comfort zone and may be able to invent a uniquely tailored designed home.

Since it’s a bit of a challenge to boot a home, Tokyo Grand Renovation has found ways to mix interior design styles easier. From modern minimalism paired with a traditional format, transitional interior design style creates a unique and inviting layered look in any room. Here are savvy tips to master the art of transitional design style to help you create a home that is unique to you.


Transitional design style is the combination of traditional and modern interior design styles. You can simply think of it as a new take on an old classic or a contemporary version of traditional design. It lends you more freedom when looking to decorate a home with ease as there’s no end to the direction you can take the design style.

As a response to the defined and distinct modern and mid-century modern styles, transitional design style became prominent in the 1950s. 20th-century transitional homes are a refreshment to many who prefer a style that focuses on luxury and comfort.

"Transitional style has cleaner lines, sleek profiles, and a more modern aesthetic without wiping out all the traditional details. In transitional spaces, there are nods to both modern elements and traditional elements" -Barbara Schmidt
transitional design bathroom
Photo courtesy of Home Awakening

Even though the idea of mixing of furnishings may be disparate at first, the key in transitional interior design style is to find a path that makes everything seem to work with each other without sacrificing your lifestyle and taste. Think a restful and serene transitional living room that features a thoughtful mix of contemporary, modern, and even antique furnishings with punchy flourishes that together evoke the art of brilliant combinations.


The balanced blend of traditional and contemporary furnishings and decor will always be looked upon by many who likes a lighter traditional look. Always remember that in a transitional design style, the decor retains the classic lines of a traditional style, but the colors and furnishings are typically more modern in their appearance. Transitional decorating embraces soft lines and comfortable furnishings.

When it comes to colors, transitional design follows the contemporary style and is kept to a minimum. But it doesn’t mean that neutrals are the only colors that can be used, but there may be fewer colors incorporated into the overall decor. The style, on the other hand, is less bold than what one would typically find in a contemporary space. It blends elements of both styles with textures, colors, and furnishings that somehow seem to come together flawlessly.


Applying kanso to your home and lifestyle allows you to appreciate the lifetime of things and to be in the moment


Transitional design is an elegant and timeless motif that combines the new and old. Always look at the functionality of the room and everything will come to its place. It may be easier as how can expressive you can be and completely unique to you as no transitional home will ever look the same.

Bring a balance of both looks into a room by intermingling modern and contemporary furniture. A contemporary looking coffee table set between modern looking chairs, is one idea, while a contemporary looking sofa placed between to modern side tables can more of both designs to the room, and the looks intermingle well.

chandelier perfect for transitional design style
A home in woodlands reserve by Kindesign. Photo courtesy of Kindesign.

Find a beautiful modern looking chandelier to hang up and dress up the room with a contemporary throw rug and contemporary window treatments. Lamps can be anything in between and don’t have to match the chandelier but should complement the look. Art and deco pieces can be a mix of both contemporary and modern to help complete the look and design.

transitional design living room
Photo courtesy of Pinmig.

For a subtle take on transitional decorating style, go for tonal and introduce an array of four to five tones of the same shade or go dramatic with dark, moody hues but stick to the same idea of a range of hues to keep everything consistent.

wooden transitional design
Photo courtesy of Qhomemart

For a smart transitional kitchen, the interior above keeps everything in a strict almost two-tone color palette for the ultimate in balance. That’s a key element for any well-realized transitional style home as every element should stand on its own while together creating a rich assortment of goods that brilliantly work together.

transitional design lighting design

Light your way to a new interior with contemporary lighting. An exciting way homes are moving out of the traditional sphere and into the transitional is through lighting. Because lighting can have such a fantastic impact on a room, fixtures are becoming more prominent as designers push the boundaries. So, add an inspirational contemporary chandelier or molecular light for a fantastic focal piece.

A transitional design may be the beginning of your home’s style journey. It is perfect even for those who aren’t interested in locking the aesthetics of their home interior design to one set or even the era of design.

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