UCC Clockwork in Uptown Mall Taps Executives On-The-Go

UCC Clockwork in Uptown Mall Taps Executives On-The-Go

Is it possible to get excellent coffee in a matter of minutes? For millennials who live a fast-paced schedule, this branch of UCC Clockwork in Uptown Mall, BGC offers third-wave coffee and all kinds of delectable dishes to satisfy the appetite. Our TGR design team intermixed customized eye-catching signages and industrial decor, making this coffee shop hard to resist even on the busiest days.


Located at the curb near the Cinema, the coffee shop is the second UCC Clockwork with a “Grab and Go” concept in the Philippines. It caters to customers ranging from movie goers to corporate employees who need a quick bite or a dose of caffeine to wake them. Unlike the first one (UCC Clockwork Robinson’s Place Manila), there is only enough space for a counter and kitchen in this Uptown Mall branch. The available seating can be found across – a few steps away from the UCC Clockwork coffee kiosk.

Capturing the attention of each passerby, Tokyo Grand Renovation gave much thought on the brand logo placement. As requested by our client, we designed a lamp with the UCC Clockwork’s logo allowing mall-goers to recognize the brand even from afar.

UCC Clockwork in Uptown Mall Taps Executives On-The-Go


Industrial decor reigns in the interior of this UCC Clockwork project. A popular style among millennials who are social media buffs, it has a charming character that entices passing customers. We used a Japanese JAPANESE BRICK tile that looks like real-bricks to decorate most of the walls. To make it cozier, neutral colored reclaimed woods are integrated on the ceiling, doors, and shelves.

UCC Clockwork in Uptown Mall Taps Executives On-The-Go

Instead of hanging lights, our design team decided to use embedded ceiling LIGHTING FIXTURES, dispersing sufficient illumination to the counter and kitchen. To lighten up the main wall menu, we used vintage wall lamps which also acted as an added attraction to customers.

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UCC Clockwork Uptown Mall BGC Taguig 2

Expertise on Display: UCC Clockwork is well-known for its Halogen Siphon coffee brewing method. In UCC Clockwork Uptown Mall, you can indulge in watching the process of making your coffee while you’re in the queue.

UCC Clockwork in Uptown Mall Taps Executives On-The-Go
UCC Clockwork in Uptown Mall Taps Executives On-The-Go

In case they have a time to spare, millennial customers can lounge across the kiosk while sipping their delicious kori-kori coffee. Our TGR interior design team customized upholstered seats and retro simple tables, which can accommodate from two to four persons. Aside from regular chairs, there are available high chairs that open to a great view from the third floor.

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