Orange Ceramic Floor Tile For Traditional Living Room Design

Ceramic is one of the oldest surviving mediums of art. We can view ceramics as an element in interior design Because of there intricate design and patterns, it is no wonder that ceramic is now a decorative element widely used in interior design.

Like pottery or sculpture, ceramic is considered to be fine art, and who doesn’t want a bit of art to their homes? There are numerous ways how this historic medium can make up your home. Tokyo Grand Renovation lists down on how ceramic can spruce up your home.


Sounds fancy right? One of the most popular ceramic tiles is terra cotta. You can commonly see this material everywhere. Translated from the Italian words for ‘baked earth’, terracotta is a timeless and hardwearing clay-based ceramic – made modern with a matt finish – that suits almost any interior.

Decorative accent tiles with a Spanish/Moorish flavor are inset at various locations to give the floor more interest. Photo courtesy of Coco + Kelly.

The appeal of terracotta is the rich beauty and the natural feel of the material. The colors which are achieved in these tiles have a unique appeal that is complemented by the gently graded texture of their untreated surfaces. For this reason, terracotta flooring is still in high demand, especially in homes striving for an authentic southwestern feel.

“Ceramics is a medium that, with every passing decade, becomes easier for the untrained to manipulate—more rampant, versatile, and demystified, and perhaps more worthy of a clarified position within the wider history of sculpture,” says the British ceramist Aaron Angell, who set up a pottery studio in London in 2014 to teach fellow artists.


Of course, what’s a ceramic home design without plants? Ceramic has long been used as material for ceramic pots since time. This clay-based pots and planters often come glazed when used for indoor gardening to double as decorative elements as well as prevent pots from cracking.

A chic planter will instantly enhance your outdoor space, giving your blooms a stately pride of place and creating a contemporary urban feel. Photo courtesy of Evening Standard.

When it comes to planting your choice of pot requires some careful thought. Some opt for glazed ceramic for indoor use which can range from ultra-modern and sleek to country rustic depending on the shape and pattern. While some gardeners prefer plastic for more perfunctory gardening, terracotta pots are a classic option for both indoor and outdoor spaces.


Terrazzo presents a unique blend of aesthetic choices, functional considerations, and practical applications perfect for any interior design.

Matte ceramic vases in different shapes and colors create a dynamic display that’s made even more fun with the addition of plants in just a few of them. Photo courtesy of Fern Living.

Next on the line is of course another plant holder, which are vases. Ceramic vases are available in a variety of shapes, textures, colors, and patterns. They are made of refractory clay, which is why they have a simple, even rough, appearance. The ceramic vases are also covered with glaze.

No matter how much you spend on walls and furniture home is incomplete without an extra touch. A modest and not so expensive method is adding a touch of ceramic. A simple vase, a humble bowl for snacks or an unpretentious pot for plants are exceptional for decorative purposes. They don’t take much effort to buy and rarely require any maintenance.

Planning to upgrade your home’s interior with a touch of ceramic? Have our professional designers help you. 

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