Water Saving Appliances to Ease Manila Water’s Supply Crisis

water dam
Angat Dam. Photo courtesy of Ronda Balita

With the recent water scarcity fiasco that is happening in the east of Metro Manila, it would seem that the country’s economy is going downhill once again, not that it hasn’t experienced some episodic slumps every now and then, but for a developing country to deal with “sudden” water supply shortage just doesn’t add up for affected customers and skeptical citizens. This on-going water interruption in several parts of the metro has erupted conspiracy theories and profane remarks from irate civilians believing that the government might be cooking something behind their backs. 

Whether there is indeed a bypass that is questionably being blocked for some sketchy black propaganda or there really is just a surge in water demand due to the growing population, there is no denying that only in times such as this that we are reminded of the importance of water in our daily life and just how much we take this basic human necessity for granted. Prevention is better than cure. Conserving water by means of just turning off the faucet when brushing your teeth can accumulate to large amounts of water in the long run; what more when you install these water-saving appliances in your humble abode.

“No matter, how much rich you are, you can’t live without water.”

#SaveWater: Water Conservation and Water Efficiency

Water-Saving Appliances to Ease Manila Water's Supply Crisis

Just as many ways as how humans squander clean water, there are various methods on how we can conserve Earth’s largest natural resource as well. Saving water is not all about conservation, efficiency is also key to optimizing how we consume our water. Water conservation expert and author of the book Water Use & Conservation, Amy Vickers describes water conservation as the “beneficial reduction in water loss, waste or use.” As straightforward as it is, turning off the shower when washing your hair is water conservation. On the one hand, water efficiency is defined as the “minimization of the amount of water used to accomplish a function, task or result.” When you fill up your washing machine to the brim with dirty clothes to maximize task and to minimize energy and water bills, that is Water Efficiency – to do more but with less water. Water Saving appliances fall under the water efficiency category.

Unlike the former which relies on the user’s initiative to waste less water, the latter depends more on well-engineered fixtures and water-saving appliances such as low-flow showerheads and dual flush toilets. For busy homeowners who feel to need to convert their environmental contributions in a monetary sense, water efficiency is not only time saving but is also proven to be cost effective. Regardless of the ways we wish to sustain Earth’s water reservoir, each and every one of us, is accountable for ensuring that there will be enough supply of clean water for future generations to exhaust.


Hop into the craze and install this fancy yet functional Japanese toilet seat.

Cost-efficient and Sustainable Water Saving Appliances

Water-Saving Appliances to Ease Manila Water's Supply Crisis

Are you aware of the fact that you can save up to a thousand bucks annually just by limiting the number of times you flush your toilet or the minutes you spend in the shower? For every volume of water that you allow to spiral down the drain, a possible future investment goes along with it. But it’s not always about the money. The philanthropist in you could also use that sum of money to feed the hungry or simply as a way to give back to Mother Earth. At the end of the day, not everything that we take from Earth is free and unlimited. Time will come that these natural resources will cease to exist and all that will be left is our ignorance and regret over not acting something to at least hinder Earth’s adverse fate. It’s a good thing that humans are countering this inevitable destiny either by means of ocean cleanup projects or even at home by installing water saving appliances.

Water-Saving Appliances to Ease Manila Water's Supply Crisis

Water Saving Toilet

Toilet is believed to be the biggest culprit of water consumption in the home using as much as 30% of the household’s water. Good thing there is a favorable trend in today’s toilet design landscape. Japanese toilet seats or electronic toilet seats are taking the world of bathroom interior by storm with its hygienic, cost efficient and energy saving approach from the typical bathroom experience. Another water saving appliance that homeowners can incorporate to their bathroom are dual-flush toilets fashioned to discharge as minimal water as possible when flushing; it functions using two different water levels – less for liquid waste and more for solid waste. You may also use improvised tank bags by filling plastic bottle with water or placing bricks to displace the water and could save you 0.8 gallons per flush.

“Don't flush our planet's most valuable resource.”
Water-Saving Appliances to Ease Manila Water's Supply Crisis

Water Saving Shower

The shower is generally just an area for washing up although for some, it is an oasis where one can physically and mentally heal and relax after a hard day’s work outside. Sure, you can just limit your shower time to conserve water but where is the fun in that? To counter the consequences, installing low-flow stream showerheads will be the better option. This water saving appliance uses 1.5 gallons per minute or less which can accumulate to about 2,000 gallons of water retained every year. Installing it is also a walk in the park: simply unscrew the old head and place the new one.

Water-Saving Appliances to Ease Manila Water's Supply Crisis

Water Saving Faucet

When we think of ways to conserve water, turning off the faucet and not letting the water run is the first thing that comes to our mind. The existence of automatic faucets have somehow alleviated this problem however, not everyone is fond of this complex design. For homeowners who prefer traditional faucets, low-flow and high efficient faucet aerators which regulates the flow of water by 4 percent is the way to go. Using this basic and affordable water saving appliance can save you more than 500 gallons of water annually.

Water-Saving Appliances to Ease Manila Water's Supply Crisis

Water Saving Dishwasher

The dishwasher is one of the most economical home appliances there is; washing loads of dishes by hands can consume up to 20 gallons of water as compared to water-and-energy-efficient dishwashers which only take up to 4.5 gallons washing the same load. There are even more advanced dishwashers that can detect how dirty the dishes are and then use this information to provide effective washing using the least water and energy possible. This water saving appliance is often unfairly judged to be luxurious yet unnecessary when in reality, it actually saves you more time and water.

Water-Saving Appliances to Ease Manila Water's Supply Crisis

Water Saving Washing machine

Even amidst the emergence of convenient laundry shops around every corner, some of us prefer to wash our own clothes for hygienic purposes or in fear of losing expensive garments. As a general rule, front load washers are significantly more water and energy-efficient than their top loading counterparts due to gravitational advantage in the washing process. Apart from cleaning better and being environmental friendly, this water saving appliances can handle 17-28 pound loads and still perform better than most top load washers. There are also up-to-date washing machines that allow you to skip pre-rinse cycle and adjust temperature and water setting depending on how dirty or heavy your load is.

Water-Saving Appliances to Ease Manila Water's Supply Crisis

Water Saving Sprinkler

Compared to the previous water saving appliances mentioned above, water supply from sprinklers doesn’t necessarily need to be clean for consumption. What’s even uneconomical is when they are installed at sites where there is high system pressure which leads to excessive flow rates and uneven coverage. Good thing that there are rainfall shutoff devices that can be connected to your sprinkler system which automatically shuts off the device when it detects moisture on the soil from a recent rain shower. Other water saving appliances such as a rainwater tank or an improvised barrel to store rain coming from the roof into the gutter can also be used to water the front lawn.

"If we don’t learn to conserve, we’ll all be fish out of water."

One thing that is noteworthy among all these water saving appliances is their affordability and installation process that is as easy as ABC. It goes to show that being an instrument to conserve and recycle Earth’s water reservoir can easily be done as long as you really have the drive to do it.

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