Renovate Your Work Ethics With Japanese Kaizen​

Renovate Your Work Ethics With Japanese Kaizen​

You wake up at 4:30 in the morning just to catch the long MRT line at 7:30. You prepare yourself, put powder on, iron your clothes, and style your hair – only to get caught in the unpleasant crowd of a smelly bus.

Sometimes, you gotta ask: is my job even worth it?

If you have already tried the “give your 100%” or “never give up” attitudes but the mantra never seem to work for you, Tokyo Grand Renovation (TGR) has some fresh takes to help you climb the career ladder the Japanese way.


No career journey is easy, but a great attitude is bound to take you somewhere. Courtesy is an essential work ethics you must possess, no matter what industry you are in.

You can get this career guidance from Japanese businessmen who are some of the most polite people you could ever meet. They begin and end every social encounter with a friendly greeting. Even bowing and using kind language are natural to them.

Another great habit they have is keeping their pockets full of business cards all the time. Since opportunities favor the prepared, Japanese people are always ready to meet new prospects.

Renovate Your Work Ethics With Japanese Kaizen​


Admit it: your desk or room is a mess right now. How does that make you feel?

While some people argue that it makes them creative, more often than not, it’s likely to trigger a negative mood. You feel more irritable. You feel like everything is out of place. It even makes you doubt: have I made the right room selections or even career choices?

One Japanese work ethics to practise is the culture of a clean and clutter-free environment. In Japan, cleaning is not just done by janitors. It is done by everyone and for good reasons. Whether it’s your office desk, thoughts, grooming, or your life in general – removing unnecessary things will help you rid of the emotional, mental, and professional mess. Of course, you can still be creative but try to keep your designs streamlined.

Note that neat people are more reliable and attractive. Even in your personal grooming. It doesn’t matter if you’re collaborating with a team or in a one on one meeting with a fancy client. If you look decent, you would surely close more deals than those who took no effort to look presentable.

Renovate Your Work Ethics With Japanese Kaizen​


Japanese people hate wasting time.. and money. Who doesn’t?

Because time is the most valuable asset, what you do with it can either make you rich or poor, successful or left out.

If you treat every minute as a dollar, you’ll start to see each moment as a rare shot you need to use wisely. Get rid of the things that’s stealing your time’s worth. Have you been browsing the Newsfeed for hours and gained nothing out of it?

Be picky with what you do with your free time. Go for self-improvement audio books, learn a new skill through YouTube videos, or form some good business habits by stepping out of the norm and exploring creativity. Remember that whatever you do, it must add a good value towards the successful person you want to be.

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Renovate Your Work Ethics With Japanese Kaizen​


Next work ethics to practice is the art of letting go. Sometimes, it’s not about adding things up, but giving up on some. Are you worried about how your colleagues perceive you? Do you fret about your neighbor’s malicious stares? Are you easily offended by toxic comments on social media?

Stop letting any of it define you or drag you to the pit of stress and failure. Just think about it – when you derive your satisfaction from within and not from other people’s opinion, your success will be more genuine and apparent.

Important Tip: List down the things that’s weighing you down then ask yourself – will this matter in the next few days? or years? If not, give yourself a favor and let go.

The same work ethics applies if you feel like you’re getting nowhere. Think about it – there must be a heavy emotional boulder across your career path that you haven’t recognized. If the cocoon is starting to turn into a prison, it’s smarter to break free. But first, assess yourself: are you ready to look for new career opportunities?

Renovate Your Work Ethics With Japanese Kaizen​


There’s always a room for improvement. If you can’t find one, create one. Stop saying “I can’t do it.” Instead, find a thousand reasons why your goals are achievable and do them right away.

The Japanese work ethics known as “kaizen” weaves this way. You can also call it the never-ending pursuit for improvement. If you do so, you’re most likely to be motivated than disheartened.

Unlike the Western belief that you must accommodate 10,000 hours to master a skill, Kaizen believes that 1-minute is more than enough. All you have to do is stay focused for one golden minute on the task you want to get better at. Do it everyday and be surprised with the tangible results. Complement your goals with Kaizen and you’d be successful in no time.

Final Thoughts:

There are no easy hacks and grinds in attaining success in the corporate industry. To be fruitful and successful, you must dedicate yourself in the values you need to be passionate about. Patience, consideration, and hard work are still the certain key factors for your success.

Renovate Your Work Ethics With Japanese Kaizen​

What perfect way to style your home than to apply these Japanese work ethics such as Kaizen. If you are feeling conflicted which interior style to pursue, Tokyo Grand Renovation (TGR) is here to accommodate you in finding the ideal style that you feel most comfortable with.

Tokyo Grand Renovation (TGR) is a Japanese luxury design and build firm that transforms residential and commercial spaces alike to have functional and splendid interiors.

For inquiries, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 832 16 76, or send an e-mail at

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